A good excuse for a party

In The Main Beef on 10/08/2007 at 22:10

Since I’ve been in this part of the world, I’ve seen quite a few new and interesting things, and a few not so new and not so interesting things. One of the cool things I’ve learned about Danes and their lives is that they’ll take any excuse to have a good sit down meal, heck, any kind of meal really, and spend time with friends. Having a birthday? Let’s meet, greet and eat! Going on vacation? Bring the cake, let’s meet, greet and eat! It’s Thursday? Great, let’s meet, greet and eat! Defending your master’s thesis successfully? Woo hoo! Let’s meet, greet, bring gifts and eat! Well, sure enough, today was one of those kind of days. The DH’s BFF, Niels Ellitsgaard, has been studying biology and chemistry for the past six years. Today, he spent 45 minutes defending the past six years of work successfully, and was granted his Master of Science degree. Yay Niels!!!! Science rawks!!!1!! So, along with his family and some other friends, we joined him in celebrating the occasion with food, cake, champagne and gifts. Monday he begins teaching in a high school in Silkeborg. Which is a very good thing, both for Denmark and him, as his most adorable girlfriend/just-about wife is almost done baking their bun. A boy, no less. A little more Niels to go around.

One of the mutual friends of the DH and Niels that I met today was Anders Graae. A likable young man that the boys spent time with in their high school days, who also happens to be something of an entertainer. The DH found a song of his online, and I’m going to drop a link to his site in here so folks can take a listen to him. He’s a danish storyteller of the musical sort, which happens to be a style of music that I like. A note – his songs are in danish, so unless you have a hidden language talent, you might have a bit of a time understanding him. But he plays his own music as well, so you can enjoy his smooth guitar stylings, and hopefully we can convince him to translate a few songs into English very soon.

Now to find another excuse to gather up some folks, have some food and cake, and enjoy another episode of the great Danish pasttime Let’s Meet, Greet and Eat! I’m thinking the weekend is a good enough reason. 😀

  1. I love your blog (which I stumbled on via the Coconuts)! I’ve noticed this trend as well, RE: the danish penchant for partying.

    As I’m a prude-ish Californian too — one who often eschewed indulgences such as booze and sweets — its been interesting to see how easily I’ve crossed over to the dark side. I love “hyggeligt” danish gatherings (most of the time!).

    Keep up your writing. Best of luck to you as you travel this journey! Knus.


  2. Thank you Camryn, I always appreciate a bit of feedback on what I write, and I love hearing how other transplants feel about their adopted country. Feel free to visit again. 😀

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