A Girl and her Dog…

In The Main Beef on 27/06/2007 at 19:34

Oh what an adventure! Allow me to take you through the time until now, so you’re up-to-date. It goes a little something like this…

Once upon a time there was this american chick, living in sunny San Diego, with her little red dog. They enjoyed the sun and heat, chased the neighbor cats, played video games, rolled in mint, and generally lived a relaxed life. They spent time with friends, and for a time Fritz even shared his human with someone else. Then things changed, as they are often wont to do in life.

Change can be a tough thing. You lose someone or something, you get older, someone moves a table from one side of the room to the other. Change, big or small, can be rough. It can be hard to accept change, work with it, let it work for you, but you have to or life just gets really dull. So, when change started knocking on my door really loudly, I braced myself and faced it head on. Mind you, not without some serious whining and stamping of feet… I hate change. Even though I accept that it’s going to happen no matter what, I cry and whinge and fight it every step of the way, until I get the crybaby out of my system. Sometimes that takes a while, believe me. Heck, I’m still crying over a haircut I got two years ago. 😀 But, since I’m not dead yet, I have learned to cry and adapt, thus multitasking my way through whatever change comes along. Oh, and by the way, my dog is exactly the same way. In his own little doggie way, he fights change… digs in his short little legs and refuses to go any further, at least until he’s picked up and carried. Then he acts like it was all his idea and pretty much charges in nose first, whiskers a-quiver. Kind of like me, only I have no whiskers that aren’t regularly waxed. Anyway, back to the tale.

Change rears its head on the girl and her dog, presenting itself in an opportunity. Of course questions arose… was she too old? Was the dog too old? Was the idea absurd? Was the guy waiting on the other end of the idea too young? Was the whole thing just too much for a small-town girl from Wisconsin to do, up and leave her life and country, and head off to Europe to start a new life, with a new guy, dragging the dog along for the ride? Naaahhh… c’mon, how can it be anything but fun?! So, she packed, scrimped, sold, stored and otherwise disposed of all the things she’d gathered in her life to date, and headed off. Luckily she’d taken the dog earlier, otherwise she would have had more luggage than there was room in the plane. With a few chosen goodbyes, she took the leap… and landed in Denmark.

Here the adventure begins in earnest. The girl and her guy begin working on their life together, their apartment, and teaching her danish. An entertaining pasttime for him, since she hasn’t studied languages for quite a few years. The dog is settling in nicely, getting pampered from all sides and running his humans’ lives in his own particular doggie way. And so, as they say, the adventure begins…

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