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So… I’ve been here three whole months now, plus 3 days. I made it through spring and into summer, when I should be enjoying warm temperatures and regular doses of sun to keep my color. At least, that’s where I came from. However, it would seem that I’m not in Kansas anymore. And I have the little dog to prove it. *cackles madly, then coughs*

Since we got home back in April, I can count the sunny days on two hands. I lost count of the rainy ones when I ran out of toes, including the ones on the husband and the dog. He wasn’t real thrilled that I was using his toes, he’s kind of sensitive about them, always afraid I’m going to cut them off when I trim his nails. No, not the husband, the dog. sheesh… Anyway, it’s been a bit rainy here for the past three months. At first I looked at it as an extension of California winter weather – I’m used to some rain, I can deal with it. And all the blooming flowers and greenery were well worth the daily doses of liquid sunshine. Fields of yellow flowers were all along the route to Århus, and the profusion of roses, daisies, marguerites, lavendar, petunias, lilacs, poppies, and various other types that blanketed every yard and window box brightened even the greyest day. Then, summer arrived with a vengeance, sun and heat making the Danes complain about the unseasonable weather, and me and the dog rejoicing at temperatures reminiscent of San Diego. The dog soaked up every sunbeam he could find, the husband started tanning nicely, and I decided I could really get to like it here. And then, with no more warning than a weather report, it all changed. It’s been raining ever since.

Now, I understand that all living things need water to survive. I can appreciate that if one wants green, then some rain must fall. Rain slickers must be worn, wellingtons must be purchased (yes, for the dog too), anti-frizz gel must be slicked into the hair before going out. But really now… three solid weeks of rain? Every frickin’ day? Without fail? I don’t recall reading that in the Welcome to Denmark book I received when I started language school. As an aside, that’s a pretty cool book I have to say. Has quite a lot of good information and comes in a ton of languages. Now back to our regularly scheduled rant…

I’m getting a little tired of the rain now. The taste of summer we had was a tease for me, and I want more. I’d say I was desperate for it, but then that would make me sound… desperate. Ok, maybe I am, a bit. I mean, if stuff gets any greener around here it’s going to go fluorescent. The dog walked through a puddle the other day that was up to his belly. Now that may not be saying much since he’s a miniature dachshund, and he likes walking through short grass because it tickles his tummy, but I’m afraid the next puddle he finds will be his last, and he will be lost at sea.

I’m not asking for much really, just a few days, weeks, months of sun. I need the blue skies and shimmering heat waves that signal summers I’ve been used to for 13 years. Not forever, I know I can get used to the weather here as it’s similar to midwestern weather that I grew up with. I can live with weekly rains to get the green. But I need some sun, or I’m going to start looking like my oregano plant that I forgot to water – a little bit brown and withery, dry around the edges. Luckily for me Ras watered the oregano… now if I could get him to generate some sunlight, he would be the ultimate husband – handsome, funny, smart, can grill like a madman, and a source of solar energy. The total package. 😀 Ah, but he’s already that to me, so the solar thing would really just be a bonus.

  1. Liar
    you got atleast three good weeks of sunshine!!

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce my darling husband, Rasmus. For him I brave grey days and cold nights, and the threat of snow. Of course, had I known that summer was a truly fleeting season here, I might have had the City Hall clerk that married us add something into the wedding ceremony about making sure that I had sufficient sunlight, maybe with a south of France codicil, should the weather here prove contrary. 😀

    Now, he says we had three good weeks of sun. Ok, perhaps I exaggerated slightly in the balance of sun and rain. But not much! Of course, having said that, you’ll notice that he doesn’t dispute the current state of things in our wet little part of the world. Or the idea of little wellies for the dog. Go figure! 😀 Love you, husband.

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