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Did you hear the one about…

In The Main Beef on 20/08/2007 at 00:13

Ok, been away for a bit, relaxing and trying to work on my danish, so figured I’d work my way back into things with a couple jokes. Yes, not only do I feed folks, but I entertain them as well! This first one is a funny I came up with this weekend while the DH and I cruised down to Germany to overspend on candy and Coke. Gotta love being neighbors with a country that offers candy at a discount. *laughs* The second joke is one of my all-time favorites, heard about 10 years ago. I still love it. Some might say I’m easily amused… I like to think that I enjoy a good giggle now and then. On with the jokes!

Wren: Where does a pirate go when he’s visiting Denmark?
DH: I don’t know, where?
Wren: Arrrhus!

(hrhrhrhhrhr… admit it, you laughed. Deep down, you can’t help but love a pirate joke. You know I’m right…)

A man walks into a bar. His friend says ‘Next time, duck.’

(Oh my gosh, that is my all-time favorite! lolol… it always makes me laugh! Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week!)

Ok, back to the grindstone for me. I’ll be doing more updates though as time goes on. So don’t change that channel! πŸ˜€


A good excuse for a party

In The Main Beef on 10/08/2007 at 22:10

Since I’ve been in this part of the world, I’ve seen quite a few new and interesting things, and a few not so new and not so interesting things. One of the cool things I’ve learned about Danes and their lives is that they’ll take any excuse to have a good sit down meal, heck, any kind of meal really, and spend time with friends. Having a birthday? Let’s meet, greet and eat! Going on vacation? Bring the cake, let’s meet, greet and eat! It’s Thursday? Great, let’s meet, greet and eat! Defending your master’s thesis successfully? Woo hoo! Let’s meet, greet, bring gifts and eat! Well, sure enough, today was one of those kind of days. The DH’s BFF, Niels Ellitsgaard, has been studying biology and chemistry for the past six years. Today, he spent 45 minutes defending the past six years of work successfully, and was granted his Master of Science degree. Yay Niels!!!! Science rawks!!!1!! So, along with his family and some other friends, we joined him in celebrating the occasion with food, cake, champagne and gifts. Monday he begins teaching in a high school in Silkeborg. Which is a very good thing, both for Denmark and him, as his most adorable girlfriend/just-about wife is almost done baking their bun. A boy, no less. A little more Niels to go around.

One of the mutual friends of the DH and Niels that I met today was Anders Graae. A likable young man that the boys spent time with in their high school days, who also happens to be something of an entertainer. The DH found a song of his online, and I’m going to drop a link to his site in here so folks can take a listen to him. He’s a danish storyteller of the musical sort, which happens to be a style of music that I like. A note – his songs are in danish, so unless you have a hidden language talent, you might have a bit of a time understanding him. But he plays his own music as well, so you can enjoy his smooth guitar stylings, and hopefully we can convince him to translate a few songs into English very soon.

Now to find another excuse to gather up some folks, have some food and cake, and enjoy another episode of the great Danish pasttime Let’s Meet, Greet and Eat! I’m thinking the weekend is a good enough reason. πŸ˜€

Death is in the air…

In The Main Beef on 08/08/2007 at 22:44

An insidious menace is plaguing the skies of my newly-adopted town, and it seems to be focusing on me with plans to add me to what I’m sure is a growing list of helpless victims. It slips into your home quietly, waits until you’re otherwise occupied, and then pounces. Already I believe the DH has fallen victim, and the dog looks to be a bit lower in weight after a recent attack. I am attempting to avoid detection while I tend to the wounded, but things are looking bleak. I’m afraid the dog may go missing soon, due to repeated forays of the enemy, and the authorities don’t appear to be taking the threat seriously. Like it happens regularly or something. I’m appalled… I thought Denmark was more civilized than this. I mean, I know California is known as the land of fruits and nuts, but even they know how to deal with the vicious perpetrators of which I speak. Actually, I don’t think I ever saw an attack by these in the 13 years I graced Cali’s shores. Maybe I got lucky.

I’m doing my best to hold on, but it’s looking dire… I think they’ve gotten in their first shots already. I’ve felt a couple of stings, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got at least two or three wounds now. They’re itching like crazy… how silly is this… move halfway around the world to be eaten alive by… mosquitos.

All the while, the DH drools over the newest iMac. *sighs and swats at yet another flying monster*

How do you say 'facelift' in Danish?

In The Main Beef on 07/08/2007 at 15:35

I’ll tell you how. Work with my language teacher 6 hours a day, 2 days a week. According to him, we will be working almost all the muscles in our face if we’re speaking danish properly. So, by the time I’m done with my language classes, I should look 15 years younger.

My suggestion ladies, if you want to retain your youthful glow a bit longer, try learning a new language. Preferably a difficult one that requires lots of eye, mouth and tongue movement. Now, drop and give me 10 r-rolls, and make it snappy!

PS: If this works, the DH will provide photographic proof of the power of danish over aging. πŸ˜€

I'm Walking on Sunshine…

In The Main Beef on 07/08/2007 at 00:32

(NDRN, Randers) In a stunning turn-around, the sun has been seen for a record-setting three (count ’em, three) days in a row! The citizenry have come out in force to bear witness to this amazing event, and representatives from every agency in Denmark are attempting to explain the sudden wave of proper summer weather. Tents have been erected to further celebrate the weather, and flags are being flown at full mast all over the city. However, all may not be as sunny and bright as previously thought. States one resident, “Don’t expect it to last.” A quick glance at the advance weather shows fog rolling in somewhere on Thursday. This reporter shudders at the thought. Her dog continues his lolling in the sunbeams.

This is Wren, reporting for New Danish Resident News. All the made-up news that’s fit to print. Stay tuned for more breaking stories, slightly after they happen.

From the Chick's KΓΈkken: Pesto Chicken with Sweet Tomato Sauce

In Culinary Improv on 04/08/2007 at 23:04

Lest you, gentle readers, think that all that comes out of this chick’s kitchen are desserts, sadly that is not the case. Woman cannot live by sweets alone, though I know of a dog who would dearly love to give it a chance, and a husband who believes that dessert is a right written into the Danish constitution.

Of course, in my quest to change my non-cooking ways, I have managed to once again brand myself novice cook (literally) while recently removing a lovely dinner from the oven. The air was redolent with the scent of herbs and baked chicken, and several shades of blue with the colorful curses and whinging that followed. The dog ran in fear even while hoping I would drop the aforementioned dinner, and my DH ordered me into the bathroom to stick the offended appendage under cool running water. Yes, this definitely less than Betty Crocker stuck the back of her hand to one of the sides of the oven. Why? Oh, why not? I’ve already cut myself three times, broken four glasses, and fattened up the dog with dropped food on too many occasions. (Have I ever mentioned that he eats leeks? Yes, my dog eats leeks. Won’t touch a cheeto, but loves his veggies) Why not try cooking myself while working on dinner? Perhaps the better question is… why do I keep trying, when the kitchen is surely out to get me? Knives line up for their chance to part my delicate flesh from its bones, forks jostle to be first in queue to sink their tines into some part of me, why shouldn’t the oven attempt to get in on the fun by luring me in, then singeing off as much of me as it can before I jump back, yelping and cursing the need to step foot into this hall of hell at all.

However, never fear. This particular recipe was pulled off without any of the damage, to either myself or various glassware, mentioned above. How is that possible? Simple. The DH cooked. πŸ˜€ Enjoy!

Pesto Chicken with Sweet Tomato Sauce

4 Large Chicken Breasts
2 Packages of Bacon Strips
2 Cans, Stewed Tomatoes
2 Leeks, large
2 Large Peppers, your choice of color
A dash of ketchup (or catsup, your choice)
A dash of sweet chili sauce
1 Medium onion
2 dl Milk or Cream, depending on desired thickness
1-2 Mozarrella balls
Some Pesto , to taste
Fresh Basil and Oregano
Salt and pepper
Rice for four

Blend ketchup, tomatoes, sweet chili sauce and milk together until thoroughly mixed. Clean leeks and chop into small pieces. Cut peppers into strips. Chop onion into large pieces.

Slice a pocket into each chicken breast. Cut up mozarella into chunks to fit into pocket, add fresh basil, oregano, garlic and pesto with mozarella. Wrap each stuffed breast with strips of bacon. Add a thin layer of pesto on outside of each wrapped breast.

Pour sauce mix into large casserole dish (glass). Make a bed with chopped leeks, peppers and onions in middle of sauce. Place stuffed chicken breasts on greens sprinkle with fresh basil and oregano, salt and pepper. Place dish into oven at 200 degrees Celsius and bake for 45-50 minutes.

Serve with rice and garlic bread or baguettes.