Summertime, and the living is easy…

In The Main Beef on 20/07/2007 at 14:57

Birds are singing (at the bumcrack of dawn no less), and the river is high… because it’s rained more here in the past month that it rains in California over two years. Three if they’re in a drought. But, I digress.

Summer holiday time has gotten into full swing here, and it’s the first time for this little Americhick to experience what it means for an entire country to take vacation at the same time. Ok, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, not everyone is on holiday at the same time. But at any given time, a goodly portion of the working populace is not… working, that is. My DH’s three-week summer holiday begins next Monday, and we will start doing our first official traveling around Denmark during his off-time, before I head back to language school to better learn how to not butcher Danish into unrecognizable mush, like I do now. 😀

One result of the standard summer holiday time here – renovations on our apartment complex seem to have come to a halt. Our particular building is being renovated, new roof, windows, doors, exterior insulation, all things to help the tenant-owners with lower heating/cooling bills and hopefully higher selling prices when it’s time. They’ve been working on the building for a couple months now, but with summer here, it seems the holiday bug has bit, and renovations must wait. So it goes. I have a feeling the same thing may be happening with my visa, and I will be waiting a bit longer before I get final confirmation, and can apply for the necessary numbers and insurance. But, these things can be worked around, so while we wait for the end of summer vacations, we will work on the apartment and do some traveling around the country. I’m looking forward to seeing the city that the DH grew up in, and traveling to the east coast of the country to hunt for amber along the beaches. I imagine they will give me other reasons to post, as well. Stay tuned…

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