A Word About Flamingos and Visas

In The Main Beef on 28/07/2007 at 21:49

My DH has a thing about flamingos. Or rather, he has a thing about the word flamingo, and inclusively, all things flamingo-related. Why? I don’t know… that’s like asking why I have a thing about weiner dogs, or why my BFF owns a growing herd of nubian goats and loves her dog in THAT way. He just does. Being the curious wife that I am, one day I asked what flamingo means in danish. Silly me, I figured it would be animal-related, such as the bird. Get this… flamingo in danish means expanded polystyrene. WTF?!?!?! (WTF = what the flock in Wren-netspeak) I will be forever amazed at that…

On another subject, as mentioned in earlier posts, I have been waiting for my resident/work visa to arrive since we applied at the end of May. Now, 4 days shy of two months, we received official notice that my visa’s been granted. I can go down to the local police station on Monday and get the sticker and page added to my passport, then get my official CPR (Central Persons Registry, basically) number. Thus begins the next stage of life in Denmark, from an Americhick’s point of view. This should be interesting… 😀

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