Statistically speaking…

In The Main Beef on 26/11/2007 at 13:32

Here I sit in Statistics class… another Monday, another class, another round of thoughts along the line of ‘what was I thinking?’ I remember the first time I took this course, oh so many years ago now… I didn’t like it then. Not much has changed. I don’t like it now. I can see the point, but it’s still a bit of a dreary ride through a hazy forest of numbers and poorly drawn bell curves, with mu-symbols lurking under piles of x-bar leaves, just waiting to drag me into the pit of variances that I can’t discover.

What is the probability that I’ll make it through this class without going completely white-haired before the end of the year? I’ll let you know, once I figure out the standard deviation ratio based on the inferences made about my sanity and the tedium of the subject. 😀

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