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"So… why are you here?"

In The Main Beef on 28/04/2008 at 15:25

Since I’ve been in the fair land of Denmark, I’ve gotten that question a lot. I generally have a stock answer, something along the lines of ‘oh I met this wonderful guy, and decided to begin my world-traveling phase’, or something similar. But it’s just a generic response, it doesn’t really get to the meat of it. Which is a bit more complicated than that, I assure you gentle readers. How much more complicated? Well… it’s complicated.

I’ve always been something of a wanderer. From the earliest time I can remember, I’ve wandered from place to place, staying for a while here, visiting there, moving on when an outside something insisted it was time. Sometimes that something was a person, insisting it was time to move to the next home; sometimes it was an event, insisting that safety dictated a move to more secure environs… and perhaps because it started so early on, it just became second nature, part of the things that make up this little Wren. So it has gone, for a very long time. For a while, it was almost like clockwork, every 5-6 years. Then I slowed down a bit, found a little space to call my own, and nested. Maybe it was the years, time to stop wandering quite so much.

But now I’m here, the wandering started up again. Why? Well, mainly just because. 😀 Just because I found a great guy, just because 40 is a good time to do something a bit out of the ordinary, just because all the different things that make up a life seemed to be pointing me in another direction than I’d been headed for awhile. Just because…

Is that complicated? I don’t know… sometimes things are as they are, just because. But even that, in itself, can be complicated.

So, a while ago (now, it’s been a bit since I’ve written) I got notice of an update of a blog I read, and found the post both interesting and a bit apropos of my situation. The link is still good, just checked it myself, and I still find it as interesting, and as fitting, as it was the first time.

Maybe the next time I get asked ‘why are you here?’ I’ll say ‘Just because’… and leave it at that.

I would encourage anyone with an urge, to wander; just because. Not all who wander are lost…