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The family that blogs together… rules the world

In The Main Beef on 26/05/2008 at 09:43

So the DH has begun, or perhaps re-begun, his blogging, going on about PIM and other geeky things. He’s quite the super geek, a systems administrator in his mild-mannered alter ego, and these sorts of things interest him. He’s found a book that’s sparking his imagination in wonderful ways, and I think it can only do him good.

Of course, now he will be using his superhero powers more and more, so I will have do pull out my own secret identity, or rather work on one… what will it be?


We all just want to be big rock stars…

In Pics From the Chick on 25/05/2008 at 00:02

Livin’ in hilltop houses, driving 15 cars…

You should hear her sing…

Maybe not the top of the world…

In Pics From the Chick on 24/05/2008 at 23:55

But pretty darn nice view, 18 stories up… some rarefied air…

Definitely worth waking up very early to see…

(way in the background there, beyond the windmills… Sweden)

Indiana Jones and apple pie

In The Main Beef on 24/05/2008 at 23:28

Tonight the DH and I went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. That was a fun movie! I won’t spoil it for anyone, but I will say that I once again see why I LOVE Harrison Ford. When I say LOVE, I mean it in the way some women LOVE chocolate, some men LOVE football (on both sides of the pond), the way my BFF LOVES her Frankie. It’s in that kind of way that’s indescribable, but you sure want to try, because it gives you new opportunities to love the object of your affection that much more. Even at his slightly advancing age, that man is just delicious! Rugged, worn but not worn out, funny in that wry, slightly self-deprecating way, with I-just-got-out-of-bed-and-I-still-look-this-good hair, a great smile, and the best eyes… *sighs longingly* Luckily, for me, the DH understands that if the ever-so-dreamy Mr. Ford should happen to toss aside his slender chippy and come knocking, I will be opening the door. Of course, I will probably have to wrap a towel around my head to hide the white hairs that refuse any color and continue their relentless advance, in spite of my efforts to stop them. And then there’s the whole “love me, love my husband” thing… I’m sure not giving up the DH just because the hunky Harrison flies his own plane, and has a fab ranch in Wyoming, complete with horses I’m sure, and used to go to Ripon College.

I suppose that will put a bit of a damper on any fantasies of running off with the fabulous Ford… so I will remain supremely happy with the DH… we will wander around this little country (have I ever mentioned that Denmark is just about the size of one of the Great Lakes?), and make lovely american-style apples pies with just a little danish in them – recipe to follow once it’s perfected – when we come home. Seriously, we make a wonderfully, sinfully delish apple pie, deep dish with crumb topping, full of sugary, cinnamony (huge thanks to the lovely Karla for hooking me up with all the fab cinnamon in this woefully backwards little country we live in – can you believe they think cinnamon is only to be used sparingly here… what kind of place is this?!) goodness, you can taste the love and spices when we’re done with one of those. After all, isn’t that really what apple pie’s all about anyway? Tasting the love… mmmmmm… We’re baking one up tomorrow, we’ll save you a piece. 😀


In The Main Beef on 19/05/2008 at 14:10

It seems, in my zeal to defend this site from spam, that I accidentally erased a couple of actual comments from friends. So I say here that I’m very sorry for that, I didn’t delete them on purpose, I just got caught up in my spam extermination mode, and the next thing you know, poof… there goes the neighborhood!

I will be much more careful in the future about deleting things, so this doesn’t happen again. I can’t have my precious readership think that I randomly toss out comments, or that some evil twin Wren has gotten hold of my blog and is tossing things left and right. 😀

What's all the fuss about anyway?

In The Main Beef on 16/05/2008 at 14:26

So what the heck is all the fuss about California FINALLY deciding to allow homosexuals to marry officially? What is the big deal, that even more people want to have it officially recorded that they are with each other, that they want to have the same rights, and responsibilities, as everyone else? How can it be that this is a bad thing? What, because all the heterosexual couples are providing such excellent role models right now? Oh yeah… let’s see now… a married senator (hetero) spends thousands on a call girl, while two female actors live together in a loving, monogamous relationship. But we should deny the couple a right to be acknowledged as a married couple, just like the senator, because they’re lesbians and might somehow encourage our children to become gay because they’re married?!?! Wow, what crack are people smoking to come up with reasoning like that? So, if that reasoning is to stand, that would mean that this particular married senator will be encouraging our children to become cheating morons, since he is legally married, and a role model. Again I say wow…

To be honest, most of the straight people I know, singles or couples, have been in and out of more relationships than I have shoes, and I just added seven new pairs to my collection! Meanwhile, most of the homosexual people I know have had longer monogamous relationships than just about anyone except my parents. Why is that? And, if that’s the case, then the role models we should be following would be the couples that tend to stay together, don’t you think?

Ah, but that would be too logical, wouldn’t it? Oh please… wake up people, get your heads out of your nether regions, and see exactly how stupid it is to complain about this. Is it because you’re jealous that they’re doing something you’re incapable of? Or are you just not wanting a group of folks who might actually respect the institution of marriage showing you up?

All I know is this… if a couple is willing and able to deal with all the goods and bads, and is ready to step up to the plate and take on all the rights and responsibilities that come with the institution of marriage, then more power to you, make sure to sign your full name on the line, and let me know where you’re registered, my husband and I will get you a gift! Welcome to married life!

This is how time passes…

In The Main Beef on 13/05/2008 at 14:51

By my calculations, I’ve been quiet for quite a while now. No real excuse for it, just life. School, lots and lots of school, family events, trying to study, doing a bit of work, all of it has wittled away at my time. Then fitting in time with the DH, housework, and fighting off random illnesses just seems to wear me out for doing much more than checking my e-mail and occasionally updating my facebook profile. So, as I said, no real excuse, just life. But I will try and peek in more than once in a great while. A bit of effort into schedule reorganization should provide some small holes that I will try and fill with updates for you, my die-hard loyal readership. 😀 If you’ve stuck with me this long, I must reward you in some small, hopefully entertaining way.

Since November, when I last wrote, much has gone on. Tests have been taken, Ireland was treated to a visit by the one and only Wren, another semester of school was started, tests were flunked in a glorious way – not really a laughing matter, but it’s that or cry, and I prefer to save that for something really important, and we even found time for a trip back to the farm in Seattle, to see the newest babies and all the other critters that occupy Vicky’s time. I tell you, that was entertaining! Definitely a nice break before this next round of finals, which starts tomorrow. Speaking of that, I better get back to studying. Just wanted to say hi, thanks for sticking around, I hope to make up for my silent ways over the summer and give you something entertaining to pass the time a bit more often than I have of late. 😀