This is how time passes…

In The Main Beef on 13/05/2008 at 14:51

By my calculations, I’ve been quiet for quite a while now. No real excuse for it, just life. School, lots and lots of school, family events, trying to study, doing a bit of work, all of it has wittled away at my time. Then fitting in time with the DH, housework, and fighting off random illnesses just seems to wear me out for doing much more than checking my e-mail and occasionally updating my facebook profile. So, as I said, no real excuse, just life. But I will try and peek in more than once in a great while. A bit of effort into schedule reorganization should provide some small holes that I will try and fill with updates for you, my die-hard loyal readership. 😀 If you’ve stuck with me this long, I must reward you in some small, hopefully entertaining way.

Since November, when I last wrote, much has gone on. Tests have been taken, Ireland was treated to a visit by the one and only Wren, another semester of school was started, tests were flunked in a glorious way – not really a laughing matter, but it’s that or cry, and I prefer to save that for something really important, and we even found time for a trip back to the farm in Seattle, to see the newest babies and all the other critters that occupy Vicky’s time. I tell you, that was entertaining! Definitely a nice break before this next round of finals, which starts tomorrow. Speaking of that, I better get back to studying. Just wanted to say hi, thanks for sticking around, I hope to make up for my silent ways over the summer and give you something entertaining to pass the time a bit more often than I have of late. 😀

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