Now where did I put that?!

In The Main Beef on 18/09/2010 at 18:05

Hello, my patient (possibly comatose) readers, who haven’t heard from me in a while (thus the coma):

Eesh, ok, looks like I need to do a bit of cleaning here. Dust off the shelves, wash the linens, general fall cleaning. Oh, how I hate cleaning. But, the good in it is, you’re often amazed at what you find underneath the grime, or in the forgotten boxes. So, let’s see what we have here…

First things first, an update.

Since last I took fingers to keyboard for the purpose of expressing myself digitally, I’ve gone full tilt into the marketing adventure, finished my Danish classes and even passed the tests (barely, but it’s a pass and I can live with it), got through two summers without aging too drastically due to too much sun, and celebrated two more anniversaries with the astoundingly handsome, charming, and fabulously witty DH. Now I’m looking at the end game of my bachelor’s studies, considering taking a Master’s Degree (may have to give up my dreams of being a secretary the rest of my life, I think), and fall is blowing in with a vengeance to this part of the world. We even had a tornado here, recently. In Denmark. I guess that almost NEVER happens, so it’s kind of a big deal. Of course, I missed it somehow, while chasing my hair down the street or something, so I had to read about it on text tv after the fact. hmm… just never expected it. However, it’s not quite as big news here as whatever President Obama has said recently, or the guy in Copenhagen who completely failed at terrorism and suicide bombing 101. I don’t know, maybe he did it on purpose.  And the ever-lovely Crown Princess Mary is with buns, which is also news. You wouldn’t know it to look at her, she must have them tucked in tight somewhere because she really doesn’t have any kind of bump at all. She’s due in January, and looks like a model. Ah, to be a princess, whose biggest job was presenting a beautiful face to the press and public, and ensuring the continuation of the royal line (Yes, she does other things, but really, those are her main duties). I could totally pull that off. Well, ok, maybe 10 years ago, I could have totally pulled that off. Now, I can do the pretty face most of the time, but we’d be looking to adopt if the royal line were to be continued. 😀 So it goes…

Anyway, I think I’m going to give ye olde blogging a try again. A fairly light class load this semester, then bachelor’s thesis in the spring, so I won’t lack time. It’s finding my motivation. Where did I put that again?!? Son of a… I hate when I lose stuff, don’t you?

Until next time –



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