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In The Main Beef on 16/09/2007 at 14:38

Well, since I last sat and chatted with you, gentle readers, a bit has happened. So here’s to catching up… *downs a latte and waits for the caffeine to take hold*

On September 5th I started business school. Here in the grand land of Denmark, after being done with school for well over 20 years, I have decided to once again join the ranks of students, and work towards a bachelor’s degree. A 3-year programme, when I’m done I’ll have a Bachelor’s of Science – Business Administration and International Management. Why not? I’ve been hanging out in various areas of the business world ever since the fine folks at Eau Claire decided that it wasn’t my time to be in school, and tossed me out for being too… flighty. 😀 Since then I’ve worked in grocery stores, a stop and rob with gas, restaurants, a group home, a plastics factory, a synagogue, various international companies, and even a small start up that is still starting up. Or at least it was, last I knew.

Perhaps you wonder why… why now? Why school? Why business? Well, as I said a bit ago, why not? If I’m going to continue in my present career track, I need to know how things are done over in this section of the world. Everyone on the planet (or close, really) might speak English, but not everyone does business the way they do business in the States. There are two ways to get knowledge, study or work. For me, being a stranger in a strange land, studying will get me the knowledge I need, without the inevitable errors in communication that going to work in a company where people speak less English than I are bound to happen. As well, as I go through school, it will allow me to build up valuable networking contacts that will come in handy when it’s time for me to fly the nest. So to speak… It will also give me a chance to practice my danish in the relative safety of a group of folks who will also be practicing their English on me. I expect hilarity to follow.

So, I’ve jumped back into the pool, and now can be found lugging around an insanely heavy pack 5 days a week at the Aarhus School of Business. This year it seems to be all about math. Those who know me will find this amusing. Perhaps even more so because three of those math classes center around accounting. Then there’s the straight math class, calling on all sorts of formulas that I couldn’t even manage to remember in high school. However, I do get a bit of a break in my English Language and US Society class. It’s very enlightening to see how others think of Americans, good, bad and otherwise, and it gives me insight into at least one segment of the Danish population. I think, at least in that class, that I might be relatively popular when it comes to learning how Americans speak, and why, after all this time, we still believe in the American Dream.

Anyway, that’s how I’ve spent my time since last I wrote. If anyone’s got a good suggestion for remembering mathematical formulas, I sure could use it. I’ll keep you updated on how things go in the meantime.

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