OMG!!! It's… SNOWING!!!!

In The Main Beef on 13/11/2007 at 23:06

(NDRN-New Danish Resident News) In a shocking and completely unexpected development in this little section of the world… it has begun to snow! Big fat flakes that immediately stick to anything warmer than they are, much as if they are as surprised by the development as the stunned fresh-from-California Girl being quickly buried beneath them, and must cling to the memories of having been raindrops only hours before.

And before, gentle readers, you laugh yourselves silly trying to imagine how this particular Americhick attempted to dodge the snowflakes with NO success whatsoever, my DH has graciously provided you with photographic evidence that I, sun-worshipping, heat-seeking, any-temperature-lower-than-70-degrees-Fahrenheit-is freakin’-cold hothouse flower that I am, have just experienced my first official snow fall in 14 years.

The hilarity may now ensue.


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