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It's just one adventure after another here…

In Wren Light - half the calories all the sass on 18/06/2008 at 11:37

Last week, after much discussion and hesitation, the DH and I decided to try something new. So, we finished off our last Coke, then girded our loins and went to our first Dansk Vægtkonsulenter meeting. We got all signed up, weighed (in kilograms, though that doesn’t make it any better), and discussed all the things that would be involved with learning a new way of eating and thinking about food. Then we had one last take-out, our fave ribs box from Bones as a final hurrah, and began working on changing our lives for the better Thursday morning, with breakfast. A week later, and we’ve managed to stick to the guidelines set out by the diet, and keep our meals delicious and varied. The biggest things that we’re having to work on making sure we get enough water, and enough veggies when we’re supposed to have them. And making sure we fit in desserts after supper. I’m loving the fact that we get ice cream, it’s definitely working for me. 😀

I will admit, before anyone thinks that it’s easy-peasy and no problem… this is hard. The DH really has to crack the whip sometimes to keep me on track, which I think gives him a secret thrill, and gets back a bit for when I do the same about something around our home. *laughs* But it’s good, without it I would have a much harder time sticking to this new plan. I feel like I should be going to daily Sugar-holics Anonymous meetings… Hi, my name is Wren, and I’m a sugar-holic. Hard to fit that into my schedule though, with the Bag-aholics meetings, the Shoe-aholics meetings, the Shopping-holics meetings…

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted, gentle readers, on my progress, let you know how this new lifestyle is working to whittle this Wren into a slightly smaller feather size over the next year or so, or however long it takes me to lose 40-50 kilos and stabilize, while I encourage my DH to shed a kilo or two as well.

Some small details about the Wren:
(as of 6/11/08 – updating each week after the meeting)
Height – 172 cm
Feather-weight – 117.7 kg (no laughing, or translating, please :p)
Waist – 110 cm
Bosom (beneath the extra feathers) – 111 cm
Bosom (including the extra feathers) – 124 cm
Wingbone width – 38 cm
Leg (not for eating, no matter how tasty they are) – 79 cm

Over time we should be able to see some change as the centimeters are encouraged to go away. I’ll have to find some other way to fluff up and prepare for winter, if all goes well.

Until next week…