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So, I was on the way to the keyboard when…

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Ok, so it’s been a week. Actually a couple of weeks. Good, bad, frustrating, generally a week (or 2). We’ve been kind of waiting for the DH to get his vacation time, and in between then our diet group came off holiday, so we went in to see the tale of the scale after 3 weeks off. The DH lost a fantastic 4.6 kg. I, however, only lost 1.1 kg. Suffice to say I was disappointed, even though it was continued downward motion, and some slacking on my part occurred. I did continue to support the DH, however, so imagine my surprise at the most recent weighing when I lost 1.5 kg, pushing me over the 5 kilo mark, and even beating the DH (percentage-wise)! Yes, there was much more happiness in the nest this week, and a renewed commitment to the whole adventure. As well, the DH got his 10 kilo reward, as he has moved past that number like a snowball rolling down a hill – gathering momentum as he sheds the weight.

Anyway, the adventure continues… As well, I’m heading back to language school, and starting the new program at business school… oh, and I applied for a job at one of the local international companies, doing what I do best… what can I say, I like to keep busy. 😀

So while the DH is on vacation, we’re planning a barbeque, and working on our apartment, and watching summer pass by on little bird feet… life is, as always, good.

Now for the details from the past few weeks of blood, sweat and vegetables:

Weight – 111.6 kg
Weight lost to date – 6.1 kg (approx. 13,2 pounds)

I’ve made my first goal, 5 kilos lost, and a bit more, which I am quite happy about. Next goal is 10 kilos lost, only 3.9 to go. The DH is heading towards 15 kilos gone, with only 3.6 to go. We also measured ourselves about a week before the group vacation ended, so even though my weight itself didn’t go down so much, there was a shift in the numbers on the tape:
Waist – 106 cm – 1 cm lost… total loss – 4 cm
Bosom (beneath the extra feathers) – 105 cm – 3 cm lost… total loss – 6 cm
Bosom (including the extra feathers) – 123 cm – no change… total loss – 1 cm
Wingbone width – 35.5 cm – 2.5 cm lost… total loss – 2.5 cm
Leg – 75 cm – 4 cm lost… total loss – 4 cm

All in all, I’ve lost a total of 23 cm, which works out to 9.05 inches lost, as of 26 July. The DH has lost 34 cm, or 13.38 inches. We’ll have another measuring party in a week or so, after the next weighing, and see how things are progressing. Whenever I get frustrated with the numbers on the scale, I have to remember to turn to the tale of the tape to remind myself that every small step takes me in the right direction, and patience will pay off in the end. Now to find my worrystone and start rubbing the impatience away…

Until next time, keep the feather side up, and the rubber on the road!


The Lighter Side of Wren – weeks 4, 5, 6

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Ah, gentle readers, you might be wondering why it appears I’m writing for 3 weeks at a time. Well, a simple answer… summer vacation! Yes, even those of us attending weight loss meetings get a summer vacation, at least from the meetings. Which, in this case, will also include weighings. So, as we have eschewed a scale in our home as a tool of the Devil, we will not be weighed for the next few weeks. However, to show that we are still committed to the process, and filling out our daily food logs and whatnot, we did measurements this week, and will also do them the last week of vacation, to help monitor our progress. Then, of course, the DH and I will let you know what the results of 3 weeks of self-discipline have wrought, at least according to the scale

Some small details about the Wren:
(as of 7/5/08)

Height – 172 cm – as of yet, no change
Feather-weight – 113.7 kg
Waist – 107 cm – 3 cm lost, approx. 1.25 inches
Bosom (beneath the extra feathers) – 108 cm – 3 cm lost
Bosom (including the extra feathers) – 123 cm – 1 cm lost, approx. .5 inches
Wingbone width – 38 cm, as of yet, no change

So far, I’ve lost 17 cm, approximately 6.75 inches in all. Not too bad for eating more like a bear than a bird. The DH (lucky duck he is) has lost 20 cm, approximately 7-75 inches in all. *sighs* The endless battle continues, but I guess it’s to be expected, since he is a guy. I could go on about the fairness, or lack thereof, of that, but I won’t. 😀

We’re still working out recipes, which I will be posting in the next week or so, I promise. It takes a while to adapt some of our prior meals into a more healthy, weight-reduction-encouraging fare, but we’re working on it diligently. We figure it’s better to have the food we like fitting into the new regime, as it will (hopefully) keep down the cravings and ‘sinning‘ via McDonald’s or the local chocolate shoppe. ‘Sinning’ is what our group called wandering off the diet path. I think of it as almost a necessary evil, just to stay sane at certain times, but still best to be avoided as much as possible. All I can say is, I’m really glad God doesn’t have a weight limit in Heaven… just in case. ;=D

The Lighter Side of Wren – week 3

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Ok, weigh-in time, end of week 3. But first, this disclaimer:  All numbers are after an incredible weekend spent celebrating the DH’s best friend’s wedding, which included copious amounts of food and drink, almost no sleep, and a slightly off-the-plan hangover remedy. We did manage to get ourselves back on track on Monday though, so it’s not all bad. 😀

Details so far:

Weight – 113.7 kilograms
Weight lost to date – 4 kilos (8.8 pounds)

So, not quite as exciting as before, but still downward movement on the scale, which is what counts. I’m a kilo shy of my first goal, but I am proud to announce that the DH has reached his first 5 goal this week, even with all the wedding debauchery. Three cheers for him!!! *beams*

Another week begins, here’s hoping I hit my goal at the next weigh-in, which will be in 3 weeks (summer holiday for the weight loss people). I’ll let you know what happens. We will be updating our measurements in a week or so, please stay tuned…

The Lighter Side of Wren – week 2

In Wren Light - half the calories all the sass on 25/06/2008 at 22:28

Ok… now it’s the end of week 2 and and our third weigh-in, time for another round of truth in advertising. We’re beginning to hone our creative cooking skills, and with the fantastic addition (did I say fantastic? I meant fan-freakin-tastic) of our long-awaited stove, sink, dishwasher, and running water in the kitchen (say it with me, hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!), we now have the abilities  and advantages that those additions can bring to make even more creative culinary wonders… some of which will be listed under The Chick’s Køkken, after being suitably taste-tested, of course. 😀

At any rate, another week, another round of hard work and adjustments, and here are the results:

Weight – 114.2 kilograms
Weight lost to date – 3.5 kilos (7.7 pounds)

My first goal – drop a size and fit into the new pair of jeans I picked up in Washington while visiting Vicky. Not much further now, 5 kilos equals a size lost. 1.5 to go… The DH lost slightly less than I did, 1.4 kilos, but is doing a magnificent job, much closer to his first 5 goal… I am so proud!

Until next week –

Still Wren, just getting smaller…

In Wren Light - half the calories all the sass on 18/06/2008 at 23:12

Well, joy of joys, it has been proven to this doubting Wren that the lifestyle change she is adopting actually does work! With the DH, I went in for our weekly weighing with a hint of trepidation… had our efforts and hard work paid off, did we lose any weight after a week of no Coke, chocolate, gummi bears, or ordering take-away from any of the local restaurants? (I don’t want to even contemplate the loss of revenue our local delivery joints are suffering from our change of diet)

Weight – 115.8 kilograms
Weight lost to date – 1.9 kilos (4.2 pounds)

So, after one week, I can say that we’re going into week 2 with a bit of encouragement and a positive weight loss. Speaking of, the DH lost 2.9 kilos (6.3 pounds) – color me just a tad jealous. 😀

It's just one adventure after another here…

In Wren Light - half the calories all the sass on 18/06/2008 at 11:37

Last week, after much discussion and hesitation, the DH and I decided to try something new. So, we finished off our last Coke, then girded our loins and went to our first Dansk Vægtkonsulenter meeting. We got all signed up, weighed (in kilograms, though that doesn’t make it any better), and discussed all the things that would be involved with learning a new way of eating and thinking about food. Then we had one last take-out, our fave ribs box from Bones as a final hurrah, and began working on changing our lives for the better Thursday morning, with breakfast. A week later, and we’ve managed to stick to the guidelines set out by the diet, and keep our meals delicious and varied. The biggest things that we’re having to work on making sure we get enough water, and enough veggies when we’re supposed to have them. And making sure we fit in desserts after supper. I’m loving the fact that we get ice cream, it’s definitely working for me. 😀

I will admit, before anyone thinks that it’s easy-peasy and no problem… this is hard. The DH really has to crack the whip sometimes to keep me on track, which I think gives him a secret thrill, and gets back a bit for when I do the same about something around our home. *laughs* But it’s good, without it I would have a much harder time sticking to this new plan. I feel like I should be going to daily Sugar-holics Anonymous meetings… Hi, my name is Wren, and I’m a sugar-holic. Hard to fit that into my schedule though, with the Bag-aholics meetings, the Shoe-aholics meetings, the Shopping-holics meetings…

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted, gentle readers, on my progress, let you know how this new lifestyle is working to whittle this Wren into a slightly smaller feather size over the next year or so, or however long it takes me to lose 40-50 kilos and stabilize, while I encourage my DH to shed a kilo or two as well.

Some small details about the Wren:
(as of 6/11/08 – updating each week after the meeting)
Height – 172 cm
Feather-weight – 117.7 kg (no laughing, or translating, please :p)
Waist – 110 cm
Bosom (beneath the extra feathers) – 111 cm
Bosom (including the extra feathers) – 124 cm
Wingbone width – 38 cm
Leg (not for eating, no matter how tasty they are) – 79 cm

Over time we should be able to see some change as the centimeters are encouraged to go away. I’ll have to find some other way to fluff up and prepare for winter, if all goes well.

Until next week…