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The Lighter Side of Wren – weeks 4, 5, 6

In Wren Light - half the calories all the sass on 09/07/2008 at 22:54

Ah, gentle readers, you might be wondering why it appears I’m writing for 3 weeks at a time. Well, a simple answer… summer vacation! Yes, even those of us attending weight loss meetings get a summer vacation, at least from the meetings. Which, in this case, will also include weighings. So, as we have eschewed a scale in our home as a tool of the Devil, we will not be weighed for the next few weeks. However, to show that we are still committed to the process, and filling out our daily food logs and whatnot, we did measurements this week, and will also do them the last week of vacation, to help monitor our progress. Then, of course, the DH and I will let you know what the results of 3 weeks of self-discipline have wrought, at least according to the scale

Some small details about the Wren:
(as of 7/5/08)

Height – 172 cm – as of yet, no change
Feather-weight – 113.7 kg
Waist – 107 cm – 3 cm lost, approx. 1.25 inches
Bosom (beneath the extra feathers) – 108 cm – 3 cm lost
Bosom (including the extra feathers) – 123 cm – 1 cm lost, approx. .5 inches
Wingbone width – 38 cm, as of yet, no change

So far, I’ve lost 17 cm, approximately 6.75 inches in all. Not too bad for eating more like a bear than a bird. The DH (lucky duck he is) has lost 20 cm, approximately 7-75 inches in all. *sighs* The endless battle continues, but I guess it’s to be expected, since he is a guy. I could go on about the fairness, or lack thereof, of that, but I won’t. 😀

We’re still working out recipes, which I will be posting in the next week or so, I promise. It takes a while to adapt some of our prior meals into a more healthy, weight-reduction-encouraging fare, but we’re working on it diligently. We figure it’s better to have the food we like fitting into the new regime, as it will (hopefully) keep down the cravings and ‘sinning‘ via McDonald’s or the local chocolate shoppe. ‘Sinning’ is what our group called wandering off the diet path. I think of it as almost a necessary evil, just to stay sane at certain times, but still best to be avoided as much as possible. All I can say is, I’m really glad God doesn’t have a weight limit in Heaven… just in case. ;=D